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Lec-Lab W 05:00pm-06:50pm

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Course Description
Provides a practical learning experience on starting a high tech company. Students will work in teams to design, prototype and implement version 1.0 of a high tech web or mobile startup.
Why Students Take ITP-496
ITP496x is a capstone course in conjunction with BAEP 496 – The Digital Startup Launch Pad to complete the Minor in Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur offered to undergraduate students. This is an intense project based course in launching a startup offered to undergraduate students. In just seven weeks, we will work on implementing the concept that was conceived by your team in BAEP496. In this class you will:

• Implement your startup idea

• Develop a customer acquisition plan

• Develop a financial and operational model

• Develop a pitch deck

• Present your idea and product to a team of investors

This course is an excellent chance to practice taking a startup idea from concept to reality. You will be working in a team on your product/service and your product can be an Internet or mobile product. The teaching team is committed to treating each team and idea as a real start up, so the work will be intense. If you do not have a passionate and overwhelming urge to start a business or launch a product or service, this class will not be a fit.

In addition to the course instructors, a team of serial entrepreneurs will mentor students.

You have to enroll in BAEP 496 and ITP496 in the same semester.
Course is Part of...
Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (MINOR)
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