3D Character Animation


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Character rigging, lip syncing, particle effects, character modeling, character setup and rigging, character performance, animation, lip syncing
Course Description
If you yearn to create engaging animation like Shrek and Finding Nemo, this class is for you. Learn all the basics for bringing imaginative and memorable characters to life. Make them walk, talk and do whatever you want them to in an interactive, 3D environment. Learn character rigging, lip synching, and how to add a particle effect to a scene to give it that final professional touch. By the end of the course, you’ll have created a short scene that brings all the elements that you’ve learned together – and is the ideal addition to your professional reel.
Why Students Take ITP-315
To explore the processes for creating 3D characters and convincing animated performances. Course content includes 3D character design and modeling techniques, advanced animation principles, and techniques for setting up articulated movement systems for complex characters. A series of exciting projects immerse students into the process of breathing life into their own custom made 3D character to produce a short animated film.
Course is Part of...
3D Computer Graphics and Modeling (SPECIALIZATION)
3D Animation (MINOR)
3D Computer Graphics and Modeling (MINOR)
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