Introduction to Sports Analytics


Times Offered Syllabus
Not Offered in Spring 2017 No Syllabus Found
Prerequisites Technologies Studied
statistical concepts, data acquisition, processing, analysis, visualization and implementation
Course Description
The class will discuss the theory, development, and application of analytics in sports. Students will learn about the application of analytics in sports for purposes of in-­?game strategy, player performance, team management, sports operations, and fantasy competitions, among many other topics. The class will consist of lectures, guest speakers from the sports industry and academia, and culminate with a group project.
Why Students Take ITP-499
Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

1. Improve their overall problem solving and critical thinking ability

2. Gain an understanding of basic statistical concepts and their applications in the sports world

3. Obtain a broad survey of the methods used in sports data acquisition, processing, analysis, visualization and implementation

4. Develop the ability to recognize, formulate, and analyze decision-­making in sports
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