App Development for Phones and Tablets


Times Offered Syllabus
Lec TTh 12:00pm-01:50pm

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied
1 from (CSCI 104 or ITP 365 or ITP 367)
(These Courses must be Completed)
Android SDK (Software Development Kit), Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Course Description
This course teaches how to develop applications for smartphones and tablets supporting open-source operating systems such as Android. We will go through the process of building a mobile application from start to finish using the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). You will learn how to leverage your Java programming knowledge to design mobile interfaces, how to use the libraries to build applications that have the proper look and feel, how to use table views, how to design and handle user input, and other aspects as time permits. During the lab sessions, students will create applications using the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
Why Students Take ITP-341
Develop phone and tablet applications for open-source platforms such as Android that utilize the core functionality of mobile devices such as GPS, accelerometers, touch gestures.
Course is Part of...
Mobile App Development (SPECIALIZATION)
Mobile App Development (MINOR)
Computer Programming (MINOR)
Computer Programming (SPECIALIZATION)
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