Cyber Law and Privacy


Times Offered Syllabus
Lec-Lab W 05:30pm-08:20pm

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied

Cyber legal issues, search and seizure, 4th amendment and digital evidence, private searches, case law relating to search and seizure
Course Description
This course is intended as an informative course detailing basic concepts in privacy, with an emphasis on electronic related activities. This course is projected to supplement cyber security and forensics studies by presenting and explaining potential issues and pitfalls when engaging in a forensic analysis of an individual’s property.
Why Students Take ITP-479
Upon completing the course, students will:
- Understand and anticipate legal issues relating to forensic computer searches
- Distinguish between police/governmental and private searches
- Be able to analyze various legal methods available to conduct a proper search
Course is Part of...
Computer and Digital Forensics (MINOR)
Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (MINOR)
Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (SPECIALIZATION)
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