Basic Device and System Administration


Times Offered Syllabus
Not Offered in Spring 2017 No Syllabus Found
Prerequisites Technologies Studied

Basic computer administration. Home devices. Firewalls. Routers. Proxies. DNS. TCP Ports. FTP, HTTP, SMTP. Hardware. Windows. Mac.
Course Description
After 203 students will be able to administer and configure commonplace devices – devices found in student’s homes and workplace. Administration will include a discussion of network connectivity (proxies, firewalls, dns, ports) and consuming services (FTP, HTTP, SMTP).
Why Students Take ITP-203
Upon completion of this course, students will:
- Figure out how to make (nearly) every type of computer or computing device function properly in their houses, dorm rooms, or first jobs
- Learn how to perform basic administration of Windows and Mac PCs
- Learn some basics of computer networks
- Learn about the hardware and assembly of computers
- Figure out how to configure and troubleshoot computers when they do not work properly
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