Technologies and Practices for Analytics


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Lec-Lab MW 10:00am-11:50am

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied

(These Courses must be Completed)
• SAP GUI 7.40 for Windows • SAP BW SAP Business Explorer Query Designer, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, SAP Predictive Analysis, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Explorer, SAP Lumira
Course Description
Overview of the process of data analysis. Reporting, visualization and prediction. Practical applications of analytics through case studies. Data analytics have moved out of the academic world of statisticians to the practical world of technology. A variety of user friendly technologies bring powerful analytical capabilities to end users. Three major areas that comprise analytics are reporting, visualization and prediction. This course uses the latest in technology to show the practice of data analytics in the real world. Course is appropriate for any student sophomore or higher class standing.

“Big Data” analytics has become a highly sought after skill in business, engineering, services, science, health and other industries. This course will explore the technology and practice data of analytics.

After completing the course, students will be able to
• Analyze data to generate information and knowledge that lead to informed decisions for businesses
• Author enterprise dashboards that are used to summarize and visualize data in a way that supports insight into trends. Also the ability to perform “what-if” analysis in real time.
• Show how business intelligence can be derived from data warehouses
• Create standard reports for business users
• Derive insightful trends using data mining techniques
• Apply the latest in analytics technology in real world case studies in the areas of business, entertainment and climate change
Why Students Take ITP-350
This course provides an overview of several industry leading analytic tools including SAP and SAP BusinessObjects
Course is Part of...
Applied Analytics (MINOR)
Applied Analytics (SPECIALIZATION)
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