Advanced 3D Texturing, Compositing, and Image Processing


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Modern digital tools and techniques to match aesthetic looks, lens and film artifacts, film stock and sensor specific color sampling behaviors, and optical phenomena through a series of projects culminating with an advanced capstone project incorporating 3D animated assets, visual effects, advanced rendering and pipeline management, and digital compositing.
Course Description
Modern digital compositing, texturing, and image making techniques as they have evolved from legacy and analog media into state of the art digital formats.
Why Students Take ITP-450
To develop hands-on familiarity with advanced node based compositing programs and compositor-side rendering workflows. Explore the range, scope, and history of optical image capturing and image manipulation tools and techniques and simulate these legacy techniques using state-of-the-art digital compositing tools.
Course is Part of...
3D Computer Graphics and Modeling (SPECIALIZATION)
3D Computer Graphics and Modeling (MINOR)
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