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Times Offered Syllabus
Lec M 05:00pm-06:20pm
Lab M 06:30pm-07:50pm
Lec T 05:00pm-06:20pm
Lab T 06:30pm-07:50pm
Lec T 11:00am-12:20pm
Lab T 12:30pm-01:50pm

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied
HTML, basic graphic production, basic DHTML, layers, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks
Course Description
Shouldn’t there be a web site in your future?

If you’re planning to be involved in any kind of business, the odds are good that you’ll need to be involved in building its website – and that you’ll need web publishing skills.

In this course, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of all aspects of web publishing, from graphic production to page layout to conventions and standards. You’ll learn all about HTML, DHTML, and the latest and greatest technologies. You’ll also have the opportunity to become proficient in Dreamweaver, the industry-leading web development tool that will enable you to design, develop and maintain web sites and applications. And of course, you will create your own small web site – your first step to large-scale Internet domination …
Why Students Take ITP-104
Most students take this class because of how far it gets them: from zero knowledge of DHTML or web publishing to a fully functioning web site. Some stop there, having achieved their basic goals – many are hooked enough by the process to go on to upper-division web development courses.
Course is Part of...
Web Technologies and Applications (MINOR)
Web Development (SPECIALIZATION)
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Nayeon Kim
Zune Nguyen