Designing and Producing Video Games


Times Offered Syllabus
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied
Basic understanding of the video game industry.
(These Courses must be Completed)
Budgets, presentations, design documents, contracts, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint
Course Description
In this intermediate course, you'll examine the design and production aspects of creating successful video games. You'll also explore the business side of video game production, learning what it takes to design, manage, and produce your game. As a course project, you'll create your own design document, budget, and presentation for an original game. You'll also have the opportunity to hear from professionals in the game industry about their personal experiences working with designers and producers.

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Why Students Take ITP-391
To gain practical skills you can use to get a production or design job in the video game industry. You'll write a design pitch for their own original game concept and learn all the ins and outs of producing a game project from concept to release. Several graduates of ITP 391 have gone on to production careers in the video game industry—so can you!
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