Designing and Producing Video Games


Times Offered Syllabus
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied
Basic understanding of the video game industry.
(These Courses must be Completed)
Budgets, presentations, design documents, contracts, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint
Course Description
In this intermediate course, you'll examine the design and production aspects of creating successful video games. You'll also explore the business side of video game production, learning what it takes to design, manage, and produce your game. As a course project, you'll create your own design document, budget, and presentation for an original game. You'll also have the opportunity to hear from professionals in the game industry about their personal experiences working with designers and producers.

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Why Students Take ITP-391
To gain practical skills you can use to get a production or design job in the video game industry. You'll write a design pitch for their own original game concept and learn all the ins and outs of producing a game project from concept to release. Several graduates of ITP 391 have gone on to production careers in the video game industry—so can you!
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"I... found ITP 391 to be incredibly helpful from a practical, business-oriented standpoint, as even now I find myself falling back upon your advice when it comes time to revamp my resume or attend a job interview with a potential employer."
-Pete Zavala

"Tom's ITP-391 class was a blessing because it stressed learning by doing, much like the video game industry itself. I'm now in a junior production role at a triple AAA game company, and I attribute much of my success to the industry knowledge, practical advice, and self-reflection I gained from Tom's diverse curriculum."
-Ben Chang

"I've found ITP391 extremely helpful.... The management skills and project planning skills, and most importantly, presentation skills, are useful all the time for me..."
-Anuj Aggarwal

"I'm working as an Associate Product Manager at Kixeye. I've gotta say, out of all my USC professors, the things you taught me in both QA and Designing/Producing VGs have stuck with me the most. I'm constantly using JIRA, writing detailed specs, and coordinating with the various teams. It was very cool to see the things we learned in the classroom be directly translated to real world situations. "
-Matt Herrick