Multimedia and Video Production


Times Offered Syllabus
Lec-Lab T 09:00am-11:50am

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied
Interactive DVDs, web videos, DVD authoring, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple, Final Cut Studio
Course Description
For beautiful, high-impact digital experiences…

Technology can help you express your creativity and make anything you do more compelling.

In this course, you’ll explore the building blocks of the multimedia world: text, sound, images, animation and video. You’ll learn the basics of painting and drawing using vector graphics, image formats, and digital image editing. You’ll gain an understanding of the basics of 3D animation as well as get an overview of the interactive multimedia title development process. You’ll also be introduced to Lingo, a scripting language for interactivity. Hands-on projects using a variety of cutting-edge tools will give you an impressive portfolio of work by the end of the course.
Why Students Take ITP-411
Students take this course to learn how to produce, edit, and distribute interactive multimedia content across multiple electronic and web-based media. Rather than just covering one tool, you learn how to communicate and then get your message delivered across multiple platforms.
Course is Part of...
Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (MINOR)
Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (SPECIALIZATION)
Web Technologies and Applications (MINOR)
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