Configuring Enterprise Resource Planning Systems


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Lec-Lab M 05:00pm-07:50pm

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied
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SAP configuration, SAP IMG, enterprise resource planning, SAP visual composer
Course Description
For a good understanding of the big picture of information systems…

ERPs can make an enormous difference to a business in terms of productivity and performance. The problem is that those ERPs need to be configured to a company’s specific needs to maximize their usefulness. Go configure!

In this course, you’ll learn to configure an ERP system for a hypothetical company from the ground up. You’ll design the organizational structure, master data, and rules to support the core business processes for the manufacturing, procurement, customer order management, and financial tracking functions of a business. You’ll learn how to reconfigure the ERP system as the company grows or shrinks, and you’ll test and document the configuration process for future changes. Emphasis will be placed on the cross-functional business processes and critical integration points that are necessary for the success of a company.
Why Students Take ITP-422
Students take this course to learn a highly sought-after career skill, especially for large global enterprises: how to configure an out-of-the-box SAP system to fit their business needs.
Course is Part of...
Enterprise Information Systems Specialization using SAP (SPECIALIZATION)
Enterprise Information Systems (MINOR)
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