Information Technology Practicum


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Times are for SPRING 2017
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied

Course Description
This is a variable unit course - it can be taken for 1-4 units.

Sometimes you need to get beyond the theory - sometimes you need practical experience

For this course, you will select an IT topic that interests you (SAP, Computer Security, Multimedia, Programming, Networking, 3D Animation, Video Games, Web Development...), identify a project you would like to complete, and go! You will have a full semester to implement your dreams with the guidance, instruction and supervision of an expert faculty member, and with all the professional software packages available in the ITP labs...

To qualify for this course, you need a project of interest and faculty member who will oversee you. To receive D-clearance to enroll, please go to and log in. Then submit your intent to register through the "Directed Research" request form.

*Please note that to be fully registered for this course, you need D-clearance to register and you need to formally register through the USC Web Registration system.
Why Students Take ITP-470
A practicum allows students to pursue an independent study on a topic of interest. It also provides the opportunity for a (supervised!) practical application of a theory that interests them.
Course is Part of...
Applied Analytics (MINOR)
Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (MINOR)
3D Animation (MINOR)
Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur (SPECIALIZATION)
3D Computer Graphics and Modeling (MINOR)
Enterprise Information Systems (MINOR)
Web Technologies and Applications (MINOR)
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