Engineering Database Applications


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Relational databases, ASP.NET, building database driven web applications, Visual Studio
Course Description
Ride the wave of the future…relational database management systems

The web is changing, evolving, growing and penetrating every aspect of life and commerce. Database integrated web sites are becoming the norm – they power e-commerce (catalogs, inventory, shopping carts, order management…), they underlie document libraries, meeting calendars and more. Database integrated web sites may be more complicated to design than a basic, static HTML site, but they can be far easier to maintain and manage. They are going to be everywhere in the future.

This course explores the engineering of software applications that are based on relational databases. It uses the lifecycle of software development: planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing, and, operation and maintenance. Scalability, expandability and security are emphasized. Students develop an integrated database application for a real world client while following the software development life cycle (SDLC).
Why Students Take ITP-482
Students take this course because they want to seize the potential of the new internet – Web 2.0 is coming, if not here, and it pays to be ready with a strong relational database management system.
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