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Data gathering and storage systems, data warehousing, business intelligence
Course Description
Because the needle’s in the haystack…and you should know how to find it …

The increased capacity and availability of data gathering and storage systems has led to mountains of data being generated in information systems each day. Businesses can gain valuable intelligence by systematically organizing and analyzing that data – beginning with the who, what, where and when of product purchases. Unfortunately, most organizations still lack the ability to do so.

In this course, you will learn the technology and methodology of building data warehouses that support business intelligence and data mining. Two solutions will be explored: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI) Systems. With data warehousing, you will learn how to physically frame multiple sources of data in an architecture that supports the many decision-making processes and business intelligence systems of an enterprise. With business intelligence, you’ll learn how to explore data and analyze it to derive insights that can effect positive change within the enterprise.
Why Students Take ITP-487
Students take this course to learn how to explore and analyze mountains of data to derive insights that can help their companies – and themselves.
Course is Part of...
Enterprise Information Systems Specialization using SAP (SPECIALIZATION)
Applied Analytics (MINOR)
Enterprise Information Systems (MINOR)
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