Managing the Supply Chain Using Advanced Planning and Optimization Tools


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Advanced Planning and Optimization tools, SAP Supply Chain Management
Course Description
With the right supply chain, the sky’s the limit…

Supply chain activities such as vendor selection, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, and facility location have been performed since the start of commercial activity. Today, though, managing the Supply Chain has become even more important given that product life cycles are shrinking and competition is growing in intensity. Demand planning and optimizing supply network activities represents a great challenge as well as a tremendous opportunity for today’s firms.

In this course, you’ll gain a hands-on understanding of the strategic role of Supply Chain Management (SCM) how to manage and improve supply chain processes and performance. We explore important supply chain metrics, the primary tradeoffs in making supply chain decisions, and the basic tools for effective and efficient supply chain management, production planning and inventory control, order fulfillment and supply chain coordination. You’ll confront real-life business situations for planning and optimizing the supply chain using an SAP SCM system and Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) tools. We’ll discuss several recent and influential innovations such as revenue management, vendor managed inventories, revenue sharing, radio frequency identification and supply chain software solutions will be discussed. We also investigate topics such as global supply chain design, logistics, e-commerce and outsourcing. By the end of the semester, you’ll possess the SCM knowledge that businesses are clamoring to help reduce their manufacturing costs and streamline their processes.
Why Students Take ITP-488
Today’s firms are looking for people who can help them capitalize on the tremendous opportunity inherent in demand planning and optimizing supply network activities. This course will be valuable whether you’re pursuing a career in consulting or a position in the operations, marketing or finance function in a manufacturing or distribution firm!
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Enterprise Information Systems Specialization using SAP (SPECIALIZATION)
Enterprise Information Systems (MINOR)
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