From Hackers to CEOs; An Introduction to Information Security


Times Offered Syllabus
Lec M 05:00pm-06:20pm
Lab M 06:30pm-07:50pm
Lec T 09:30am-10:50am
Lab Th 09:30am-10:50am
Lab Th 08:30pm-09:50pm
Lec T 07:00pm-08:20pm
Lab T 08:30pm-09:50pm
Lec W 09:00am-10:20am
Lab W 10:30am-11:50am
Lec Th 07:00pm-08:20pm

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied
Information security, security mechanisms and policies, security infrastructure, IT infrastructure
Course Description
So much of your confidential data is online – you need to know the basics of how to protect it.

Security is a primary concern for every computer user – each of us needs to know how to protect our personal data, and to understand how our companies protect our and their data.

This course will provide the perfect introduction to topic of information and computer security. It will start with an analysis of the various threats to information integrity (teaching you first-hand the ease of hacking into a system!), then will explore security mechanisms and policies as well as basic forensic techniques. You will learn to understand the relationship between networking and security technologies. Additional hands-on projects will teach you how to secure a workstation as well as how to integrate security infrastructure with the rest of the business and IT infrastructure.
Why Students Take ITP-125
Most students take this class to learn how to keep data safer in our online world. Many find themselves interested enough to then pursue a career in one of the diverse paths that follow…
Course is Part of...
Computer and Digital Forensics (MINOR)
Applied Computer Security (MINOR)
Digital Forensics (SPECIALIZATION)
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Joseph Greenfield
Pierson Clair
Jennifer Kassar