Enterprise Network Design


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Enterprise level networks, routers, managed switches, OSI networking model, Ethernet LANs, integrated operating system
Course Description
It all comes down to routers and switches…

The larger the network, the more important its underlying design. This course focuses on the fundamentals of enterprise level networks: configuring routers and managed switches.

In this course, you will learn to identify the various components of the OSI networking model, describe the different types of networks, deploy enterprise Ethernet LANs, understand and configure an enterprise router, properly configure and use an integrated operating system (IOS), and subdivide a network using subnets. The course is designed around laboratory exercises where you will design, deploy, and maintain a network capable of supporting thousands of users.
Why Students Take ITP-357
Students take this course to learn to use the latest and greatest network technologies…and the ones currently being used in companies and organizations around the world.
Course is Part of...
Applied Computer Security (MINOR)
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