Digital Forensics


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Lec-Lab TTh 12:30pm-01:50pm

Times are for SPRING 2017
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Digital/computer forensics, general incidence response, computer forensic investigation
Course Description
For the inner digital detective in all of us…

Digital forensics uses scientific methods and techniques to recover data from digital media. It’s used for many reasons: to recover data following a hardware or software failure, to analyze a computer system after a break-in (how did the attacker gain access and what did he do…), to gather information (for example in legal cases where one side’s digital activities have a bearing on the case), and more.

This course will introduce you to computer forensics, both its fundamentals and the best practices for incident response. You will learn to understand the legal aspects of computer forensics, as well as its relationship to the Information Technology field. Hands-on projects will give you the tools and techniques you will use to perform a full computer forensic investigation.
Why Students Take ITP-375
The huge size of the threat ($60 million of losses in 2007 alone) has put it on everyone’s radar. Students from all over the university want to make sure they have the tools and techniques to investigate crime involving digital evidence.
Course is Part of...
Computer and Digital Forensics (MINOR)
Applied Computer Security (MINOR)
Digital Forensics (SPECIALIZATION)
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