Web Application Security


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Web application security, web server architecture, web server security, eCommerce
Course Description
This class is designed to teach students how to properly secure a web
server, web page, and web application. Students will take an already existing web application and redesign it to be as secure as possible. Students will also design and build an eCommerce site designed with the best security practices. Students will learn how to protect confidential information, including financial and personal data.

Part of security is testing the security and vulnerabilities of the web
application. To that end, students will also learn the common techniques
for penetrating web applications and web servers. This will give students the techniques to properly test their web applications in their academic and professional careers.
Why Students Take ITP-425
To understand the fundamentals of web server architecture and security, understand the components of securing web applications, be able to establish and maintain a set of web servers and services, and be able to protect confidential information involved in eCommerce.
Course is Part of...
Applied Computer Security (MINOR)
Web Technologies and Applications (MINOR)
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