Video Game Quality Assurance


Times Offered Syllabus
Lec-Lab W 05:00pm-08:50pm
Lec-Lab MW 10:00am-11:50am

Times are for SPRING 2015
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Prerequisites Technologies Studied
Bugzilla, Microsoft Excel
Course Description
Make money for playing games? Now THAT’s a great job…

It's about quality, not quantity. Games need to be free of bugs and play must be smooth – and so quality assurance is vitally important to the production and publication of video game software.

Why Students Take ITP-230
Students take this course to learn all about the job of video game tester, including how to create and use test cases and writing bugs in bug-tracking software. They also love the hands-on environment with a game industry professional…
Course is Part of...
Video Game Production (SPECIALIZATION)
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Tom Sloper


"I'm working as an Associate Product Manager at Kixeye. Currently working on shipping my first big feature :D. I've gotta say, out of all my USC professors, the things you taught me in both QA and Designing/Producing VGs have stuck with me the most. I'm constantly using JIRA, writing detailed specs, and coordinating with the various teams. It was very cool to see the things we learned in the classroom be directly translated to real world situations. "
-Matt Herrick