David Tang



David Tang is a web developer passionate about creating great user experiences and building maintainable applications. He started off his career as a full-stack developer but has transitioned to the front-end where his passion lies. David currently works as a UI Architect at Verizon Digital Media Services, building rich client-side applications that allow customers to configure and monitor their CDN usage.

David is also a part-time lecturer teaching web development courses for ITP, where he enjoys bringing the latest industry trends to the classroom to increase the skills of students from all backgrounds, not just engineers. You can find him at his blog http://thejsguy.com, where he frequently writes about JavaScript and testing. David holds BS and MS degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from USC.


Office Hours
Mon 12:30 - 2 pm
Wed 5 - 7:30pm
Office Location
OHE 530F
Email Address
dtang (at) usc.edu
Phone Number
(213) 740-4542


Current Courses Teaching

ITP-1042Web Publishing
ITP-3014Interactive Web Development

All Courses Taught

Not offered in Spring 2017
Not offered in Spring 2017

ITP-1042Web Publishing
ITP-3003Database Web Development
ITP-4043Modern Technologies of Web Development
ITP-4604Web Application Project