Michael Crowley



Michael Crowley worked for 20 years in industry as a programmer, manager,
and project manager. He came to USC in 1999 as a full-time lecturer with the
department of Computer Science, in the Viterbi School of Engineering.
Michael has enjoyed being the Director of ITP for the past five years.


Office Hours
Sopring 2016 Hours:
Tuesday 2 pm - 4 pm OHE 412
Thursday 2 pm - 4 pm OHE 412
Office Location
OHE 412
Email Address
crowley (at) usc.edu
Phone Number
(213) 821-5653


Current Courses Teaching

Not offered in Fall 2016
ITP-3683Programming Graphical User Interfaces

All Courses Taught

Not offered in Fall 2016

Not offered in Fall 2016
ITP-1092Introduction to Java Programming
ITP-1652Introduction to C++ Programming
ITP-3003Database Web Development
ITP-3014Interactive Web Development
ITP-3653Managing Data in C++
ITP-3683Programming Graphical User Interfaces