Nayeon Kim



Nayeon (pronounced like nylon without the "l") is driven by beautiful content and is constantly experimenting with ways to display such content on the web. She currently works full time developing innovative and enriching experiences as a front end web developer at ONE+K, a digital agency servicing major motion picture studios such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, and more. She loves to learn and share the latest developments in web technologies. As such, she joined the USC Viterbi School of Engineering faculty as a part-time lecturer to teach web development. She herself was once a student in the same school she now teaches — earning a Bachelors in Computer Science.


Office Hours
Mondays 5-6pm at KAP160
Office Location
Email Address
nayeonki (at)
Phone Number
(213) 740-6230


Current Courses Teaching

ITP-1042Web Publishing
ITP-3014Interactive Web Development

All Courses Taught

ITP-1042Web Publishing