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Insightful Talk by Blizzard Senior Producer Alex Mayberry

April 8th, 2010

With stories, insights, and lots of laughs, guest lecturer Alex Mayberry shared the production side of game development with over 70 students and guests at Wednesday evening's ITP 280 class. As a Senior Producer for Diablo III at Blizzard Entertainment, Mayberry sees the role of the producer as difficult to define precisely. "There's nobody who can really tell us how to do our job," he said. "It's little things sometimes. You try to make everyone's life easier." While artists want a game to be beautiful, programmers want it to be fast, and designers want it to be fun, the producer needs to find a delicate balance between facilitating progress and not imposing his or her own opinions, according to Mayberry. "At the senior level, it's basically: you get the job done."