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SAP North America - 2011-2012 Scholarship Program

December 13th, 2011

ITP is very excited and proud to announce that an ITP/ISE student, Maria Angelica (Mica) Lee, has been awarded a scholarship for 2011-2012. The scholarship is awarded by the SAP University Alliances program which ITP embarked on in 1996. This program has matured to one of the most diverse programs in the world (over 1000 Universities are members). The award is for $5000 and can be used for tuition and fees for Spring 2012 or any subsequent semester. Here is what Mica has to say about her time in ITP and her future plans:

I decided to take advantage of USC's SAP resources by getting involved in classes and obtaining a certification. Theprogram is well-known for providing students with an edge in the consulting, technology, and engineering industries because of the in-depth, hands-on interaction with the software, and I can certainly attest to the truth behind the hype. The diversity of the class is telling; my ITP project teams have always had a strong dynamic because of our diverse academic backgrounds. Winning the scholarship has been a wonderful honor and I am proud and very grateful to be representing USC. After graduation, I will be working at Deloitte, where I plan to explore the security and privacy aspects of technology consulting, specifically in the use of ERP systems. I look forward to tackling the challenges of this industry and being at the forefront of technology as the use of SAP and ERP systems continues to grow.