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ITP499 - Game Startup Workshop Guest Speakers

October 10th, 2012

Speaking Sept. 13:
Ron Franco, CEO of Hydrogen Whiskey

Spoke Sept. 6:
Josh Hartwell, CEO of Mobile Deluxe

With more than a decade of experience in the mobile game industry, Josh Hartwell is the CEO of one of the leading independent mobile game publishers in the United States, Mobile Deluxe. Hartwell evangelizes premium casual games on the mobile platform and has been instrumental to the development and publication of titles such as the Solitaire Deluxe® franchise, JAMDAT Bowling, and the Number 1 seller on Verizon's deck, Big Win Blackjack. His leadership has brought Mobile Deluxe several industry firsts in the US, such as the first freemium app on Verizon, the first cross-app shared economy in the US, and the first peer-to-peer viral game replication technology for mobile. In 2012, Hartwell was named as a founding Board of Director on the Application Developer Alliance (ADA), a non-profit group that gives developers the tools, network, and policy environment to propel innovation.

Spoke Sept. 6:
Aaron Cammarata, Co-Founder of voidALPHA

Aaron Cammarata has been developing videogames since he taught himself Logo on a Coleco Adam as an 8 year old. He turned pro in 1995, and was worked for companies including Activision, Neversoft, THQ, and Locomotive Games. He has contributed to top-selling games for console, PC, and handheld devices, including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and multiple Pixar titles. He is passionate about innovation and creativity, and believes that videogames offer us entertainment experiences unlike any that have come before. In 2011 he founded game studio voidALPHA with partners Mark Day and David Nielsen, which currently has 4 titles in development. An avid gamer with a passion for game design as a craft, Aaron loves talking games, playing games, and making games. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Bucknell University.

Spoke August 30:
Brandii Grace, CEO/Chief Creative Officer of Transform Entertainment

Transform Entertainment is a pioneering company working to create AAA console games specifically targeting the growing women's market. Brandii has nearly 10 years of design and development experience in the games industry working with a wide array of platforms, genres, and markets for games ranging from giant AAA MMO's to award-winning indie titles. She has taught game design innovation, been published in respected game development textbooks, and helped start more than one collegiate game program.

Spoke August 30:
Jeffery Buchanan, Next Media Animation

Jeff Buchanan is a veteran of Sega, Activision, Gazillion Entertainment, Online Warmongers, Arktos Entertainment Group, Double Tap Entertainment Group, Majesco Entertainment, Riot Games, and Nival Interactive USA. He has 18+ years of game development experience, working as a designer, 2d & 3d artist, animator, producer, creative director, motion capture director, writer, and voice actor. He has been involved in studio startups, team building, and developing marketplace strategies. He's traveled to numerous outsource studios in China, Eastern Europe, India, and Russia to gauge the abilities of the various organizations providing outsourcing support.