Cyber Security


Skills Explored Target Audience
Ethical hacking, systems defense, system security, intrusion detection, malicious code, firewalls, VPNs, system setup and configuration, cyber crime, auditing, security BUAD, ACCT, IR, POSC, COMM, JOUR and any other students interested in studying Cyber Security.
Specialization Description
The digital revolution has touched almost every aspect of modern life. Computer systems and networks process countless personal and business transactions a day. With ever-growing concern over the privacy and security of digital information, Cyber Security has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the technology industry. Train to be the first line of defense against attacks on information systems. Learn to defend a network against hackers, secure and protect an organization, and trap a cyber-criminal. Implement strategies and investigative measures that can protect both personal and mission-critical information.
Why Students Take It
To learn the skills necessary to become a penetration tester and security engineer.
Industry & Career Info Companies Hiring
Entry-level security engineers make, on average, $50,000 a year. Deloitte
Ernst & Young
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Required Courses (8 units)

Not offered in Summer 2015
Not offered in Summer 2015
Not offered in Summer 2015
ITP-1252From Hackers to CEOs; An Introduction to Information Security
ITP-3253Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense
ITP-3573Enterprise Network Design

Elective Courses (4 units)

Not offered in Summer 2015
Not offered in Summer 2015
ITP-4254Web Application Security
ITP-4574Network Security