Introductory Courses

We all use technology, and each use of technology intersects fields in design, programming, business, and security. The courses offered at the Information Technology Program reflect these dynamic intersections.

Whether you have extensive background in information technology or you’re only just getting interested, an introductory course in ITP will reward and challenge you. Our courses are open to all students, and the courses below will introduce you to the practices, skills, and questions of the Information Age.

Here are some ways to get started in ITP:

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Model a product prototype in 3D in our courses in computer graphics, 3D modeling, and multimedia

Render three-dimensional products, buildings, and characters, cut video, edit images, and produce other digital media.

  • ITP-190 “Tools for Digital Graphics” (2 units)
  • ITP-211 “Power-Tools for Visual Communication” (2 units)
  • ITP-215 “3D Modeling, Animation, and Special Effects” (2 units)
  • ITP-411 “Multimedia and Video Production” (3 units)

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Leverage big data to drive company decisions in our courses in data analytics and information systems

Investigate and use the software and tools that help companies predict customer decisions and manage business information.

  • ITP-250 “Database Systems for Analytics” (2 units)
  • ITP-251 “Applied Statistics for Analytics” (2 units)
  • ITP-256 “Blockchain” (4 units)
  • ITP-320 “Enterprise-Wide Information Systems” (4 units)

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Write a program in our courses in computer programming

Write programs in the languages used to develop applications for desktop computers, smartphones, connected devices, and video game systems.

  • ITP-109 “Introduction to Java Programming” (2 units)
  • ITP-115 “Programming in Python” (2 units)
  • ITP-165 “Introduction to C++ Programming” (2 units)

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Design and publish an interactive website in our courses in web design and development

Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and user experience research to design innovative and accessible websites and web applications.

  • ITP-104 “Web Publishing” (2 units)
  • ITP-310 “Design for User Experience” (3 units)

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Investigate computer hacks in our courses in computer security and digital forensics

Secure your users’ information, investigate hacks and stolen company and consumer data, and study laws related to privacy and technology.

  • ITP-125 “From Hackers to CEOs: Introduction to Information Security” (2 units)
  • ITP-479 “Cyber Law and Privacy” (3 units)

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Develop the newest tech startup in our courses in innovation and digital entrepreneurship

Practice the development processes and marketing strategies used by innovative startups and incubators to shake up and transform industries around the world.

  • ITP-466 “Building the High-Tech Startup” (4 units)
  • ITP-476 “Technologies for Interactive Marketing” (4 units)

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Create a video game in our courses in video game production and programming

Learn the strategies used by professionals in the video game industry to create and manage high-quality games for entertainment as well as for healthcare, educational, and business applications.

  • ITP-230 “Video Game Quality Assurance” (4 units)
  • ITP-280 “Video Game Production” (4 units)

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