Introductory ITP Courses

ITP courses are open to all USC students regardless of prior experience and you are not required to be an ITP minor in order to enroll. The courses listed below have no prerequisites and many serve as the intro courses to our minors. If you wish to start a minor, or just learn some new skills, please refer to the course list below.

For a complete list of all ITP course offerings and curriculum, please visit the USC Catalogue.

ITP 090: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (2.0 units) Basic concepts of colors; color calibration tools; scanning, importing and exporting images; painting, editing, fill, and type tools; using layers, masks, filters, and color correction. Not available for degree credit.

ITP 101: Introduction to Information Technology (4.0 units) Introduction to computer hardware, operating systems, networks, programming. Survey of application software in business and industry. Computer issues in the work place and society.

ITP 104: Web Publishing (2.0 units) Web publishing using HTML, CSS, and other Web technologies. Concepts and theory of Web publishing and production. Introduction to page layout and design.

ITP 109: Introduction to Java Programming (2.0 units) Introduction to object-oriented software design for business problems. Creation of console applications, windowed applications, and interactive Web applets.

ITP 115: Programming in Python (2.0 units) Learn how to program using Python. With its high-level data structures and clear syntax, Python is an ideal first language.

ITP 125L: From Hackers to CEOs: Introduction to Information Security (2.0 units) Introductory course in computer security. Fundamentals of information security management. Threats to information integrity. Ethical hacking concerns and practice. Policies and Procedures.

ITP 140: Mobile Application Technologies (2.0 units) Technologies, devices, operating systems, and tools of mobile applications, as well as the mobile industry. Students will use tools to create apps for different mobile devices.

ITP 165: Introduction to C++ Programming (2.0 units) Fundamentals of C++ syntax and semantics, including function prototypes, overloading, memory management, abstract data types, object creation, pointers to class members, and I/O streams.

ITP 168: Introduction to MATLAB (2.0 units) Fundamentals of MATLAB: a high-performance numeric computation and visualization environment. Overview of linear algebra and matrix manipulation; using 2-D and 3-D plotting routines; programming in MATLAB; basic numerical analysis.

ITP 211: Power-Tools for Visual Communication (2.0 units) This course explores the use of professional grade software to create 2D images, graphics, motion graphics, visual effects and video. Students will also to properly compress video for high quality web distribution.

ITP 215: 3D Modeling, Animation, and Special Effects (2.0 units) Developing a 3D animation from modeling to rendering: Basics of surfacing, lighting, animation, and modeling techniques. Advanced topics: compositing, particle systems, and character animation.

ITP 230: Video Game Quality Assurance (4.0 units) Survey game software development through quality assurance and in-depth analysis of the development cycle with a focus on bug testing systems and methodologies.

ITP 250: Database Systems for Analytics (2.0 units) Concepts in modeling data for analytic applications. Designing and implementing robust databases. Querying databases to extract business intelligence.

ITP 251: Applied Statistics for Analytics (2.0 units) Core statistical methodologies that are critical for quantitative reasoning. Focus on concepts through practical applications and analyses of real data.

ITP 280: Video Game Production (4.0 units) History of video games; overview of game genres; phases of video game development  (concept, preproduction, production, post-production); roles of artists, programmers, designers, and producers.

ITP 310: Design for the User Experience (3.0 units) Fundamental concepts, techniques, practices, workflows, and tools associated with the practice of user experience and interaction design in web and mobile applications.

ITP 320: Enterprise Wide Information Systems (4.0 units) The role Information Systems play in an organization. Integration of business processes by using Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP).

ITP 411: Multimedia and Video Production (3.0 units) Writing is dead. Video rules. In fact, the success of your college career depends upon how well you can communicate visually.  This course can give you the visual power tools for success: Photoshop, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, and Web – all in one course.

ITP 466: Building the High Tech Startup (4.0 units) Teach students the basic technologies and processes involved in the building of web and mobile startups, such as online business models, product management, agile development processes, technology platforms, customer development, and online marketing.

ITP 476: Technologies for Interactive Marketing (4.0 units) Designed to introduce students to technologies, concepts and strategies in the emerging online advertising ecosystem. Students learn strategies and tactics to execute online marketing plans through lectures, discussions, and real-world projects.