Web Technologies and Applications

Design and develop interactive websites and web applications using the latest tools and technologies. You will learn theoretical concepts and practical applications of web technologies not only useful not only in the web industry, but also within a different major field of study. The broad areas of study include web publishing, programming, databases, security, and multimedia. Electives will be chosen based on the students’ academic and professional goals.

Learn about:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP and MySQL
  • UI design
  • Web Developer (Front-End and/or Back-End)
  • Web Content Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • UX Designer


  • All minors at USC need 16 units that only meet minor requirements and do not meet any other major, minor, or GE requirement.
  • All courses completed for your minor or specialization must be completed for a letter grade.
  • You must earn a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA in the courses completed for your minor or specialization.

Minor (18 units)
Core Requirements (14 units):
  • ITP-104L “Web Publishing” (2 units)
  • ITP-301 “Front-End Web Development” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-104]
  • ITP-304 “Back-End Web Development” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-301]
  • ITP-460 “Web Application Project” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-303, ITP-304, or ACAD-276]
Elective (4 units):
  • ITP-302 “Advanced Web Publishing” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-104]
  • ITP-310 “Design for User Experience” (4 units)
  • ITP-404 “Advanced Front-End Web Development” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-301, ITP-303, or ACAD-275]
  • ITP-405 “Advanced Back-End Web Development” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-303, ITP-304, or ACAD-276]
  • ITP-425 “Web Application Security” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-301, ITP-325, or ACAD-275]

Please note: Students in the Computer Science major will follow a modified set of requirements based on their previous knowledge of object-oriented programming.

Specialization (10 units)
Core Requirements (10 units):
  • ITP-104L “Web Publishing” (2 units)
  • ITP-301 “Front-End Web Development” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-104]
  • ITP-304 “Back-End Web Development” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-301]

Course Plan

Use the chart below to plan your course schedule to complete your minor. Pay careful attention to prerequisites. Make sure you consult with your major advisor about how best to incorporate the requirements for your minor with your major and general education requirements.

Please contact our academic advisors with questions about course sequencing, departmental clearance and course substitutions.

-Herman Tran, Business Administration "ITP has been instrumental in establishing my career in software engineering; I look back at ITP 104 as the very starting point in my career. Through ITP, I gained a foundational knowledge of web development and computer science that I still rely on in my current career." -Herman Tran, Business Administration Class of 2014 -Sam Chang, B.A. Art "As a traditional print designer, I never realized how I was able to contribute my ideas into the software space until I took an ITP course. After taking my first course on basic HTML and CSS, the floodgates opened, and new opportunities and possibilities immediately opened up. Through the ITP, I was able to better understand web technologies, which prepared me for my path into software product design." -Sam Chang, B.A. Art Class of 2017 -Michael Young, Environmental Studies "The skills I gained in upper-level ITP course are skills I still use to this day, in fact I credit the ITP program with teaching me how to learn web technologies." -Michael Young, Environmental Studies Class of 2016 What our students and alumni say
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