In ITP classes, you can learn to use advanced software, create websites, perform data analysis, write computer programs, and investigate cybercrime.

You’ll get practical, hands-on experience. No matter what your major is, you can learn how to use the latest tools, programming languages, and applications. You’ll also gain critical insight into technology’s increasing impact on our world.

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Introductory Courses

All students are welcome to register for ITP classes, and our introductory courses do not require a background in technology or engineering.

Introductory Courses

How Not To Get Hacked: Personal Cyber Security

This course provides an overview of personal device protection, from laptops to smartphones to internet-connected devices. This Includes strategies to better protect your personal devices, web browsers, and personal messages. The course covers personal device and electronic communications security providing insights on how to detect and defend yourself against potential social engineering attacks. Students will develop their interpersonal and communication skills and the application of their technical knowledge through interactive class activities and hands-on projects. (2 units)


The Privacy-Focused Digital Citizen

Personally identifiable information (PII) is constantly being collected and used by many organizations and drives our information economy. How is this information used? And how much is too much? Is there a limit? Should a user's personal life and how they interact with an app be used to personalize the service to them?

This course will empower students to think critically about the personal data that is collected, how it can be managed, and what ethical considerations must be taken into account when planning projects that will work with this sensitive material. Through workshop-style discussions and activities, students will work collaboratively to propose these frameworks and business project justification and ethical considerations. Completion of this course will empower students to become an aware and informed digital citizen to help yourself, your family, and organizations. (2 units)


Video Game Product Management & Live Ops

In this course, students engage in a semester-limited development process of a video game, from concept through pre-production to production, release, and ongoing content support, conducted through lectures, discussions, and practical team-based development. Throughout the course of the semester, details of the job of the video game producer, and the realities of working in a game company, are explored and revealed through working on an illustrative project. Students learn many of the necessary "soft skills" of a video game producer (project manager).

Students will explore, from a production perspective, the skills needed to launch and manage a Games as a Service (“GaaS”) project and its associated Live Operations (“Live Ops”). Coordinating with students from other disciplines, the class will emulate the launch and operation of a live, consumer-facing, Live Ops gaming ecosystem. Unlike games with a discrete release, this living game will (2 units)

  • Recommended Preparation: ITP-180

Published on March 4th, 2021

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024