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Staff update: Meet itp's newest academic advisor!

Meet Annie Le, ITP's new Academic Advisor! Annie has been working with ITP for a number of years as our Academic Scheduler and Events Coordinator and has now joined the advising team. Her dedication to ITP has helped ITP grow and develop into the program it is today. 

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Porting video games - interview with Matt whiting

ITP Professor and former Video Game Programmer Matt Whiting discusses best practices for optimally porting a game to various platforms. He is currently working on "Maquette", a first-person recursive puzzle game developed by Graceful Decay and published by Annapurna Interactive.

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Tis the season! It’s been all hands on deck this year as we’ve tried to shape what has hopefully been a robust ITP experience for our students even inthis remote environment. Now let’s take a peek into what ITP faculty and staff get up to around the holidays!

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Cybercrime courtroom

With COVID-19 cyberscams rampant, industry pros from firms worldwide watch as USC digital forensics students show their crime-fighting smarts in front of a real-life judge online.

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Featured acm member: rob parke interview

Robert Parke, Senior Lecturer at USC's Information Technology Program and Program Chair for this year's ACM Richard A. Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, discusses inclusive teaching practices and issues regarding social justice and equity in this interview.

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Trojan faculty and staff celebrate virtually during the 2020 USC Viterbi Faculty and Staff Awards! ITP wants to congratulate Trina Gregory, Kendra Walther, and Nitin Kalé for their awards, and for their outstanding efforts and contributions to ITP!

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Student-Led Fund Supports Student Entrepreneurs


ITP 496 students underUSC Viterbi lecturer Eric Chung build first student- led organization that will provide micro-grants to student projects.

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Web technologies and Applications

Zune Nguyen, lecturer of information technology at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, talked to us about how the web classes at ITP prepare students to work not only in web development but also in mobile development, software engineering and project management.

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Nitin Kalé, associate professor of information technology and industrial and systems engineering practice, taught USC’s first class in blockchain in Fall 2017. Since then, he’s helped create ITP’s minor in blockchain, making USC Viterbi School of Engineering one of the first schools in the world to offer an academic program in the field.

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