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Am I able to take an ITP class without declaring a minor or specialization?

Absolutely! Our classes are open to all students at USC regardless of major or minor. If you need help selecting a class, you may wish to review our introductory course options. Most classes in ITP do not require departmental clearance (“d-clearance”) in order to register during the normal registration period.

How do I declare a minor or specialization?

In order to declare one of our programs, you need to either complete our online application or meet with a member of our advisement team for a short appointment.

How do I make an advisement appointment?

You may schedule your advisement appointment online. Appointments usually take between 15 to 30 minutes. During your advisement appointment, you will learn about the program requirements and create a course plan for the minor(s) of your choice. After you create a course plan with an ITP adviser, you can choose to officially have the minor added to your student record.

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