New Classes for Spring 2021

This Spring ITP is offering 5 new Special Topics ITP-499 courses. 

Each video in this section contains an ITP faculty member giving a brief introduction to the class, along with an overview of its content.

Spring Classes
ITP-499 "Applied Python"

ITP-499 "Applied Python" teaches you advanced features of the Python programming language (“Pythonic” programming). These structures and syntax allow programmers to quickly and easily manipulate data in ways not found in other languages.

ITP-499 "Fintech Fundamentals"

ITP-499 "FinTech Fundamentals" explores the impacts of Financial Technology in our day to day lives, from the invention of the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), to leveraging biometrics and artificial intelligence, to what makes instantaneous payments possible.

ITP-499 "No Code Startup"

ITP-499 "No Code Startup" was created for aspiring product leaders and entrepreneurs who wish to be able to realize the vision for a product in a short time frame and start gathering data.

ITP-499 "Python for Programmers"

ITP-499 "Python for Programmers" is intended to teach the fundamental concepts of the Python programming language to those students who already have experience with a previous programming language.

ITP-499 "Technology, Accessibility, and Design"

ITP-499 "Technology, Accessibility, and Design" focuses on introducing students to what accessibility is, why it is important, and how to apply accessible design to technology and engineering projects.


Technology is for everyone.

Learning how to write computer programs, use big data, and publish websites is valuable for all careers.

You might be looking to technology to increase your impact in your career — such as public policy, fine arts, or education. Maybe you’re a pre-law student interested in investigating cybercrime. A journalist wanting to back up your stories with data. Or an entrepreneur with an idea for a new app that you’re trying to get off the ground.

ITP offers over 75 courses to get you there. Introductory courses help you create a foundation — whether you’ve started learning how to code on your own or you’re brand new to it. And when you build upon that foundation in our advanced courses, you can graduate with a high-tech portfolio and a future-oriented skillset.

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Featured acm member: rob parke interview

Robert Parke, Senior Lecturer at USC's Information Technology Program and Program Chair for this year's ACM Richard A. Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, discusses inclusive teaching practices and issues regarding social justice and equity in this interview.

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Cybercrime courtroom

With COVID-19 cyberscams rampant, industry pros from firms worldwide watch as USC digital forensics students show their crime-fighting smarts in front of a real-life judge online.

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Trojan faculty and staff celebrate virtually during the 2020 USC Viterbi Faculty and Staff Awards! ITP wants to congratulate Trina Gregory, Kendra Walther, and Nitin Kalé for their awards, and for their outstanding efforts and contributions to ITP!

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New Classes for Fall 2020!

ITP is offering new courses this Fall 2020 semester! Click below to view ITP's new course offerings.

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USC Viterbi Offers Two New Short Courses: “Viterbi vs. Pandemics!” and “Sustainable Energy”

USC Viterbi Offers Two New Short Courses: “Viterbi vs. Pandemics!” and “Sustainable Energy”

Both lecture series launch the week after Labor Day, offering students a comprehensive faculty coverage of COVID-19 and a series on sustainable energy with Dean Yortsos

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Student-Led Fund Supports Student Entrepreneurs

Student-Led Fund Supports Student Entrepreneurs

ITP 496 students under USC Viterbi lecturer Eric Chung build first student- led organization that will provide micro-grants to student projects.