Update: 03/15/2024

Effective Fall 2024, the Applied Analytics minor will require 20 units, previously requiring 18. This is due to ITP-216 being added as a prerequisite to ITP-449.  Students who have declared the Artificial Intelligence Applications minor before June 1, 2024 can have ITP-216 waived, and can take ITP-259 directly so long as they have completed ITP-115/116. Students who declare the minor on or after June 1, 2024 must complete ITP-216, no exceptions will be made.

For clearance to register for ITP-449, or other questions or concerns regarding this minor, please reach out to itpadvising@usc.edu, or schedule a meeting with an advisor.

Applied Analytics

Use databases, statistics, and data visualization tools to query, analyze, forecast, and share metrics for business, research, healthcare, and more. Learn to work as a data analyst using state-of-the-art tools.

Learn about:
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • data visualization
  • data reporting
  • data mining
  • business forecasting
  • Data Analyst
  • Market Researcher
  • Operations Researcher
  • Quality Engineer
  • Statistical Modeler


  • All minors at USC need 16 units that only meet minor requirements and do not meet any other major, minor, or GE requirement.
  • All courses completed for your minor or specialization must be completed for a letter grade.
  • You must earn a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA in the courses completed for your minor or specialization.

Minor (18 units)
Core requirements (14 units):
  • ITP-115 “Programming in Python” (2 units)     or ITP-116 "Accelerated Programming in Python" (2 units)
  • ITP-249 “Introduction to Data Analytics” (4 units)
  • ITP-349 “Enterprise Data Analytics” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-249 or ITP-320] (Previously ITP-487)
  • ITP-449 “Applications of Machine Learning” (4 units) [prerequisites: ITP-115 and ITP-249]
Elective (4 units):
  • DSO-424 “Business Forecasting” (4 units) [prerequisite: BUAD-310]
  • DSO-428 “Essentials and Digital Frontiers of Big Data” (4 units)
  • ITP-259 “Basics of Artificial Intelligence” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-115 or ITP-116]
  • ITP-489 “In-Memory Data Modeling and Analytics” (4 units) [prerequisite: ITP-249 or ITP-320]

The following courses are also pre-approved electives for the minor. If you enroll in one of the following courses, please email our academic advisors so that they can update your STARS report. Substitution courses are not automatically applied to your minor requirements, so you will need to ask our academic advisors to make the change for you.

  • ITP-216 “Applied Python” (2 units) [prerequisite: ITP-115 or ITP-116]
  • ITP-450 “High-Performance Computing in Applied Machine Learning” (2 units) [ITP-449 or DSCI-352 or MATH-449 or BUAD-425 or CSCI-467]

Specialization (10 units)
Core requirements (10 units):
  • ITP-115 “Programming in Python” (2 units)
        or ITP-116 "Accelerated Python for Programmers" (2 units)
  • ITP-249 “Introduction to Data Analytics” (4 units)
  • ITP-449 “Applications of Machine Learning” (4 units) [prerequisites: ITP-115 and ITP-249]

Course Plan

Use the chart below to plan your course schedule to complete your minor. Pay careful attention to prerequisites. Make sure you consult with your major advisor about how best to incorporate the requirements for your minor with your major and general education requirements.

The course plan below is simply a suggestion, other course plans many be possible. Please contact our academic advisors with questions about course sequencing, departmental clearance and course substitutions.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

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Published on May 23rd, 2017

Last updated on April 12th, 2024