Advisement and Registration

All students at USC are welcome to register for ITP courses, and our introductory courses do not require a background in technology or engineering. You are not required to meet with a member of the ITP advisement team in order to register for our classes. If you need guidance or assistance in selecting and registering for your ITP classes — or if you have any concerns about course progress — we have the following resources available to you:

Students who started their minors before Fall 2019 will follow transitional plans based on the updated curriculum.

Compiling your schedule


Course offerings

To explore what you will have the chance to learn in each of our classes this semester, browse our course offerings. These are updated each semester to provide you with specific information about languages you’ll be learning, tools you’ll be using, or projects you’ll be creating.

Departmental clearance

Most classes in ITP do not require departmental clearance (“d-clearance”) in order to register during the normal registration period. However, after the first week of classes each semester, all classes require d-clearance to register.

We’ve included our instructions for obtaining d-clearance here.

Prerequisite waivers

Some students have already completed preparatory course work in CSCI, EE, or ISE or have worked on their own programming projects. In these cases, skipping a prerequisite and registering for a higher-level course may benefit the student. In these cases, skipping a prerequisite and registering for a higher-level course may benefit the student.

Please review our instructions for more information.


In ITP-470 “Information Technology Practicum,” exceptional students pursue individual practical or exploratory projects under the guidance of full-time faculty in ITP. To get d-clearance to register for this class, each student must submit a project proposal on MyViterbi, which the planned faculty member must approve.


ITP-480 “Information Technology Internship” is a unique class that allows each student to earn academic credit for an approved project completed in tandem with an internship. Each student earns academic credit for an approved related project component and not solely for the work duties.

To register for ITP-480, you will need both an internship offer and a project proposal approved by a full-time faculty member in ITP. Each student must submit a d-clearance request on MyViterbi, which the faculty member guiding the internship and project must approve.

next steps

Declaring a minor or specialization

By completing a minor or specialization in ITP, you’ll be able to follow an academic program of study designed by expert faculty to give you hands-on practice in a technological field of your choice.

How to apply

Current USC students can use our online application to declare a minor or specialization. Your application will be processed within 3 to 7 business days, and you will be notified at your official USC email address of your admission to the program of your choice.

Students enrolling at USC on a limited status basis should contact our advisement team directly to discuss completing a specialization.

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Contact Us

If you have a question about the program, you’re welcome to write to us or schedule an advisement appointment. We can help you navigate our program requirements and resources and refer you to other offices as needed.

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