ITP Device Check Outs

Current ITP students enrolled in an ITP course can check out devices as needed for course content.

Certain ITP courses require specific software, therefore we do our best to make devices available to students in need of additional course resources.

Guidelines for ITP Device Check-Outs:

• Students enrolled in a current ITP course may check out a device from the ITP Asset Library
• Students interested in checking out a device must come to the ITP Office in OHE 412 to inquire
• Devices are checked out on a weekly basis for 7 days through the ITP Office and may be renewed
• Students wishing to renew their device, must check in once a week in the ITP office once a week to confirm that the device is still present and in working condition
• Students are not able to install additional programs, add-ons, patches, or updates to ITP devices
• All data stored on ITP devices will be wiped from the hard drive each time it is turned off
• Students understand that all devices are owned by ITP and students are financially responsible for any lost or damaged equipment

We offer the following devices for check-outs:

iPod Touch
Macbook Pro
Nexus 7
Nexus 10

For more information on ITP device check-outs

please contact the ITP Office at 213-740-4542 or come speak to our staff in OHE 412.