New Minor Proposal

This can be used submit a new minor proposal for the 2022-2023 academic year.

If this minor contains courses that have not been proposed yet, please make sure to complete a new course proposal for each new course, as they must be proposed at the same time as the minor.



Enter year and term code: 1=spring, 2=summer, 3=fall (e.g. 20223 for "Fall 2022")

Reason for Request, and Review Considerations

List minimum GPA, if any, test scores, language skills, or required artistic ability etc. Any restrictions should be stated.

How does the proposed minor relate to and differ from similar minos at USC at elsewhere? Describe any appropriate cross-departmental cooperation. What will be the impact on faculty and students in other departments?

Who will teach courses in this minor? Will they be tenure track or adjunct faculty?

Include a description of necessary physical resources or distance learning platform(s) used (e.g., library, labs, DEN, 2U, etc.) For distance learning, describe how advisement and other university resources will be made available to off-campus students.

Catalogue Information

The following description and curriculum schema are published in the USC Catalogue.‚Äč Please reference where students can find eligibility requirements and/or application procedures if not stated in the description.

At least 16 units must be unique to the minor (i.e., not included in the major). Minors should require no fewer than 16 units and no more than 32 units.

Please list out all required courses that will compose the minor.

Please list out all elective options (include course prefex, number, title and units, e.g. ITP-115 "Programming in Python (2 units))

Published on July 26th, 2021

Last updated on July 28th, 2021