What is a minor?

A minor is an academic program designed to complement an undergraduate student’s major. A minor can allow you to explore a personal interest, enhance your major area of focus, or emphasize a career field.

ITP offers 14 minor programs. Each minor in ITP requires between 4 to 6 classes to complete (16 to 21 units).

Students who complete a minor will receive a certificate upon graduation. Completed minors appear on official transcripts.

How do I add a minor?

ITP offers 14 minor programs, and you can pick a minor that best fits your personal or career interests. You can add a minor by:

  1. Completing our online application, or
  2. Meeting with one of our academic advisers.

Am I eligible to add a minor?

To declare a minor, you must:

  • be a currently enrolled undergraduate student at USC,
  • have a declared major, and
  • be in good academic standing.

When should I declare a minor?

You should start taking the classes for your minor by your junior year. Most minors at ITP require 4 semesters to complete, although sometimes you may be able to complete a minor in 3 semesters.

You may choose to officially add the minor to your student record before you take any classes or after you have completed the introductory class. You must officially declare the minor before you graduate. It is not possible to retroactively add minors after graduation.

What classes are required for my minor?

Class requirements for all ITP minors can be found online. For all minors at USC:

  • 16 units of course work must only count for the minor and not for any other major, minor, or GE requirement.
  • All minor classes must be completed for a letter grade.
  • You must earn a 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA in the minor course work.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my minor requirements?

You can contact our academic advisers with any questions about your minor requirements.

How many classes should I take each semester?

It’s recommended that you enroll in a maximum of 2 ITP classes each semester. ITP classes are often skills-based, and students are usually more successful building upon skills incrementally.

You can find the recommended course plan for each minor online.

What are unique units?

All minors at USC require 16 units of course work that count only for the minor and not for any other major, minor, or GE requirement. For minors that require 18 units, a maximum of 2 units may be shared with another major, minor, or GE requirement.

Can I take classes on a Pass/No Pass basis?

No. All classes for your minor must be completed for a letter grade.

How do I check my minor requirements?

Class requirements for all ITP minors can be found online. You should compare your minor requirements with your completed classes before registering each semester. If you have officially declared your minor, it will appear on your STARS report. If you notice any errors on your STARS report, please contact our academic advisers for assistance.

How do I drop my minor?

You can drop your minor by emailing our academic advisers at itpadvising@usc.edu. Please email us from your official USC email address.

How do I get my minor certificate?

Once you complete your minor requirements, you will automatically receive your minor certificate with your diploma after graduation. Minor certificates are mailed with diplomas 6 to 8 weeks after graduating. Minor certificates are 6” high and 8” wide.

The diploma services website has more information about diploma delivery.

Published on June 24th, 2019

Last updated on June 20th, 2023