Digital Forensics


Skills Explored Target Audience
Critical thinking, communication skills, and problem solving Viterbi, Marshall, Economics, Accounting, Psychology students, and anyone with an interest in solving puzzles
Specialization Description
The forensics specialization gives students the basic foundations to perform a forensics investigation of computer systems.

Cyber threats and vulnerabilities pose a serious global economic hazard. There is high demand for students with practical cyber security and digital forensic skills. The goal of the Digital Forensics program at USC is to develop necessary critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and technical writing skills to effectively work in the field. This is accomplished through utilizing industry standard tools and techniques to investigate labs and cases based upon real-world investigations. Students will study various areas of cyber investigations, including digital evidence gathering, reporting, examinations, and court presentations. Computer forensic skills provide an excellent way to gain government or law enforcement employment at the local, state, or federal level, or within the private sector. This field provides immediate career opportunities with some of the highest paying jobs in today’s market.

Requirements for completion - All of the following courses (9 units):
ITP 125- From Hackers to CEOs: An Introduction to Information Security (2 units)
ITP 375- Digital Forensics (3 units)*
ITP 475- Advanced Digital Forensics (4 units)**

*Students must take ITP 125 prior to taking ITP 375.
**Students must take ITP 375 prior to taking ITP 475
Why Students Take It
Computer forensics is a growing field and there is a dire shortage of trained, talented forensics investigators worldwide. Students are taught how to solve cases from start to finish.
Industry & Career Info Companies Hiring
Computer forensics is a very good way to proceed into federal law enforcement, FBI, secret service, immigration customs enforcement, and the private sector. Consulting rates can be greater than $150 an hour for talented forensics investigators. Ernst & Young
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Stroz Friedberg
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Required Courses (9 units)

Not offered in Fall 2016
ITP-1252From Hackers to CEOs; An Introduction to Information Security
ITP-3753Digital Forensics
ITP-4754Advanced Digital Forensics

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Required Courses

ITP-1252From Hackers to CEOs; An Introduction to Information Security
ITP-3753Digital Forensics